Financial planning from a Melbourne-based team who understands all of your lifespan finance needs

Financial planning for every stage of life

Our team of financial planners at D & K Wealth Solution understands that planning individual or family finance demands thoughtful consideration of the many complex changes that will occur across a lifespan.

We know that a budget that worked for you when you were single will obviously not continue to work for you once you take the next step and move in with your partner. Or, a budget that enabled a single person to complete a master’s degree may need to be tweaked again in order to finance that next trip around the world.

Our ‘bigger picture’ goals continue to change across our lifetime, and whatever stage you find yourself in, you want to know that you can manage these changes comfortably while still continuing to afford the things that make life interesting and fun.

The right financial planning can do just that. D & K Wealth Solution offers our clients personalised assistance with all of their finance planning concerns. We can help you with every aspect of your finances, including

  • Budgeting and Cash flow

  • Debt management

  • Superannuation and retirement planning

  • Personal and Income Protection risk insurance

  • Investment portfolio management


Keep growing at whatever stage of life you are in

So many people don’t plan their finances because they fear they will be forced to ‘give up’ something that really matters to them. As a consequence, instead of ensuring that your basic security needs are taken care of, enabling you to then plan to do the things that keep you growing, you may unwittingly find your finances spiralling out of control. This doesn’t have to happen.

It’s no secret that we all want to live happy and healthy lives, and the key to achieving this reality lies in your ability to have at your fingertips the money you need in order to fund the experiences you most want to have. So, it makes sense that financial planning should never just be about penny pinching or sacrificing your dreams. What it should be about is arming yourself with the knowledge of what your income is paying for at all times so that you can manage the essentials, in order to be able to afford the things that you keep you growing no matter what stage of life you are in.


It all comes down to personal choice. The team at D & K Wealth Solution understands and values that not everybody earns the same income, lives the same lifestyle or has the same goals. We embrace the fact that every single one of our clients is unique and we relish the opportunity to meet the challenge of providing all of our clients with expert, individually tailored financial planning to suit their evolving needs.

Schedule an appointment to come in and talk to us. Let D & K Wealth Solution meet you at where you are at so that we can show you how you can make it possible.


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