Planning your personal finances for your retirement requires a plan based on knowledge and flexibility


We use our expertise to plan your retirement to make sure it’s everything you want


We are always telling our clients that it is never too soon to start planning ahead for your retirement. That’s not because we want to take the fun out of life, but because we know that the sooner you start planning, the better shape your personal finances will be when that time comes. So that you can do the things you’ve always wanted to do.


It can feel overwhelming trying to look that far ahead. After all, there is still so much time within which to worry about retirement and anything could happen between now and then, right? The problem with this this mentality is that time flies faster that we think, and if we don’t actively engage in planning for our retirement we can get seriously caught out.


Our financial planning services can specifically help you to identify what areas of your retirement plan you need to pay attention to now, while you are still able to. These may include


  • The pre or post tax dollar amounts you are currently contributing (or not contributing) to your superannuation fund each pay period

  • Your assets and how to increase their value over time

  • Your debts and other liabilities

  • Your preferred age of retirement and the age you will have to retire, based on your current (or lack of) retirement plan

  • The extra things you want to plan ahead for (such as trips)

  • Your desired lifestyle in retirement


Take the trip


One of the most common activities that people dream about doing in their retirement years is travel. There is nothing more life enriching than seeing the world and experiencing first-hand the beauty and complexity of different cultures and places. However, the truth is that while many people may aspire to travel in their retirement, only those who have had the foresight to plan for this will have the available funds to do so.


Unfortunately, this money will not magically appear. For many retirees, just meeting general living expenses such as buying food and paying monthly insurance and utility bills will drain the majority of their set weekly budget. This is a difficult fact to accept, and yet it happens.


A happy retirement requires considerable forethought, and our financial planners are expertly qualified and ready to help ensure you find yourself the financial position you want to be when the time comes. Contact us today at D & K Wealth Solution to make it happen.


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