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D & K Wealth Solution is a financial planning company located in Melbourne and run by highly skilled professionals who understand that our clients want financial advice which places their interests ahead of everything else. Our financial advisors work hard to ensure that our clients feel confident that we have heard exactly what they want, and need, from our service.

The journey toward financial freedom should be smooth, secure and successful. Getting the right advice can play a role in making that happen. We understand that great financial planning is not about a quick-fix, it’s about a well-structured plan that helps you recognise opportunities, consolidate gains and protect against risks and enjoyment of life without financial concerns.


We equip ourselves with the very best knowledge, insight and wisdom so that we can assist clients at different life stages, to have a practical financial strategy that will enable them to reach their financial goals sooner.


But what about you? What are your financial goals? Could a financial plan inspire, equip and empower you to make them reality? We believe it can, and we can help you make it happen.


Let’s look at how we can help you.


Who can benefit from our financial advice?


Getting started financially

If you’re just starting out on your financial journey, perhaps you have started your first job and you want to make the most of your income and reduce debt, such as a HECS debt or personal loan.

We can help you establish a financial plan and a budget that addresses your investment, superannuation and insurance advice needs, which are the building blocks of your financial future and still have fun!

Growing investments and protecting your lifestyle

At this point in your life your priorities may be changing, but you still want to build wealth. Perhaps you are on a reasonable income and you want advice on ways in which to grow and protect your money. Your financial adviser can help.

We can consider the financial security of your loved ones, while you continue to grow your investment and super assets. Yes, it is possible to continue on a financial journey even with an active lifestyle or the expense of a young family.


Getting realistic about retirement

If you are in the 45 – 55 age bracket you might be at a point in your life where your income is getting higher, but your commitments and expenses are also greater. We can show you how your investments and super can flourish while maintaining financial security through an insurance protection plan.

This is also a good time to look at pre - retirement strategies so when the time comes, you have a sound plan in place to take you smoothly into retirement.


At this stage in your life, we can give you the sophisticated advice you need.

Organising and enjoying your retirement

The run up to retirement presents some unique opportunities to restructure your super and investments, save tax and set yourself up for a worry-free future. We have the know-how to make it work for you.


When you are ready to relax in to retirement you want a secure income, to maximise Centrelink benefits and enjoy the peace of mind.


Protecting your income and family

Insurance is designed to protect you if things go wrong. You probably have insurance on your house and car, perhaps you have private healthcare, but do you have wealth protection insurance?


It can be easy to neglect wealth protection insurance such as Income Protection, trauma insurance and total and permanent disability insurance. This insurance cover is designed to protect your family and your lifestyle if things go wrong. In many cases when our clients first come to us, they do not understand the full value of protecting day to day living expenses should you be unable to earn an income.


We can discuss your needs and outline some affordable options. In some cases the premiums can be tax deductible. We can share some real client examples with you, to highlight just how beneficial a good wealth protection plan is.


Supporting you as a small business owner

Like us, some of our clients are small to medium sized business owners. They enjoy the freedom of running their own business, being their own boss and building relationships with their clients who value the service they provide. With hard work and careful planning, self-employment can bring financial and lifestyle rewards. But without the certainty of a regular income, being a small business owner requires support so you can grow and prosper.


As a financial adviser, we can discuss ways in which you can manage your cash flow, set aside money for tax, grow your retirement savings, protect your income and set up a plan should you, or a business partner, exit the business for any reason.


We can discuss wealth protection options for your business and tailor specific strategies to help you manage the risks and safeguard your business from unexpected events.



​Whatever your financial planning needs, D & K Wealth Solution understands. We have the training and expertise to assess your current position and the ability to help you get to where you really want to be in life. Contact one of our consultants and make an appointment to come in and create the life you want with the finances you have today.


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